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Workshops and online handbalancing coaching

While I love performing in all its aspects, teaching is also a great passion of mine. Developing an understanding of how I do things so that it could be conveyed to others has always interested me. I have spent a great deal of time deconstructing the techniques and mindstates involved to be able to share my approach with both experienced artists and those who are just starting out.

Online coaching:

Currently I am offering 2  12 weeks blocks of online handstand coaching for 600 euros. It includes a personalized program with the aim of building a solid technical framework and understanding of the process so it is possible to continue the practice on your own after the coaching period. There is also a video library which I have made for reference of the various exercises that I use that you will get access to as well.


I always make the program from scratch for each person since handstands need to be adapted to each persons body to ensure both consistent progress and avoiding injury. The programs are always flexible, open for adjustment as we move along, and more focused on training technically rather than looking at handbalancing as only a matter of strength and fitness.


A substantial part of the coaching happens through detailed video feedback where we are able to assess your technique, make changes where necessary, and to keep track of progress. During the process there is full support for questions, changes to the program or skype sessions if needed to ensure optimal progression.


It would start out with a video assessment where you would film various exercises so we could find an apropriate level to start at, as well as discussing what should be the main goals. As a teacher I have extensive experience from beginner levels and all the way up to being the head coach of handbalancing at a professional degree in circus. 

For inquiries please contact me here

Below are some previous students:

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