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Bathtub from "Elven og Havet"

The bathtub of doom from the show "Elven og Havet by Det lille mekaniske loppesirkuset. Here performed in FMV, Fredrikstad

TEDX Handstand lecture

This act was presented for TEDx Stockholm 2014. This act represents my fascination for the biomechanical and mental aspects of handbalancing. I have always been interested in the process of how our nervous systems learn and adapt to stimuli and handbalancing has been and still is still the perfect case-study for me. The act itself is adaptable to different contexts and themes and I always allow myself a level of spontaniety within it.

Closing acts 2012

This piece was presented at Closing Acts 2012, the graduation show at DOCH, Stockholm. In many ways it represents the direction I try to develop as an artist, combining the contrasts between the static, vertical nature of handbalancing with the dynamic and soft ways of floorwork.

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